Meet Gabrielle


Founder, Creative Director and well-known floral stylist Catherine Hausman Fox, introduces Gabrielle’s Garden Exquisite Faux Floral Collection.  Her distinctive style is reminiscent of the fresh floral line that she began in 1998, at her original Montana Avenue design studio in Santa Monica, California.

Gabrielle’s Garden LA Exquisite Faux Floral Collection is everlasting and hand-crafted with the highest quality materials available worldwide.  This new collection accentuates Catherine’s signature “rounded and mounded” design with an abundance of lush garden flowers, crystals and geodes. Her use of color and unexpected texture takes her work to the next level of floral design.

Catherine’s work, aside from gracing the homes of Hollywood celebrities, has been featured in Veranda Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine (voted “Sexiest Flowers in Los Angeles), California Home Magazine, and Home and Decor Magazine. In addition, she made several television appearances.

Catherine is not only known for her creative and innate design ability, she has been an avid equestrian for many years. She named Gabrielle’s Garden after her youngest horse, Gabrielle.

Catherine’s arrangements are so realistic that the look and touch will make even the most discerning eye question: is it REAL OR FAUX?


Gabrielle’s Garden LA was founded by Catherine Hausman Fox in November of 1998. Her creative floral design studio was located in the heart of Santa Monica California, on Montana Avenue.

The inspiration behind the name of Gabrielle’s Garden LA, all started with a young horse of Catherine’s. She’s been an avid equestrian for much of her life.
Competing in the world of show jumping.

After Catherine endured a serious injury while competing, it was necessary to take time off due to surgery. During her recovery, she decided to breed the mare she had been competing on for many years.

In 1995 her youngest horse was born. Catherine named foal Gabrielle, she was the inspiration to name the studio after her